Can you believe that Easter is just a couple days away?!  It seems like we just finished all the craziness of Christmas, yet here we are nearing the middle of April and gearing up for the annual return of the Easter Bunny.  

I remember when I was young my parents would hide some small eggs around the house for my sister and I to find, at the end of our little hunt we’d get a gift from the Bunny that was usually one of those solid chocolate bunnies and an outfit.  Later that evening we would sit down to a delicious ham dinner complete with mashed potatoes and whatever vegetables my sister and I would currently eat.

I’ve had the pleasure of learning about a few different traditions other people would celebrate while growing up in the UK, a lot of it was fairly similar to what we do here in Canada.  One of the main differences was they didn’t have a big Easter egg hunt instead they would receive one big chocolate egg and perhaps a new outfit. 

Once they were finished with their breakfast the children would sit down to decorate some hard boiled eggs in preparation for the afternoons activities.  The family would then head out to some old castle ruins and the kids would take their decorated eggs and roll then down the stairs and hillside before the family would settle for a little picnic lunch.  

I must admit I really like this tradition you know only getting one big chocolate egg and perhaps a nice new outfit, decorating an egg for its journey down the stairs of an old castle, and finally sitting down to enjoy a dinner of roast lamb with neeps and tatties.


Whatever your Easter tradition may be we wish you all well and hope the bunny is good to all the kiddos young and old.

Happy Easter

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