Father’s Day

Father’s Day gift

Can you believe we are nearing the end of May already?  With the long weekend having just wrapped up you know what that means….summer is just around the corner!
Before we can get all excited for summer there is an important day for someone who plays a special role in most everyone’s lives, Father’s Day is on June 19th.

Father’s Day is a day we all get to show and/or tell our Father’s just how much we appreciate them.  Now when I say Father I am including all the men who step in to fill that role be it a step father, uncle, grandfather, brother, foster parent, or a single mom, I’m even talking about you gents who have “fur kids”. If I missed anyone well you get the idea, June 19th is about celebrating all the amazing things you all do.

Much like any holiday everyone has their own way to celebrate and show the men in their lives how much they are appreciated.  My sister and I would always make dad a card and a gift, or we’d get mom to help us pick out something dad would like, now it is my brother in law who gets the homemade gifts and cards, along with whatever my sister picks out.  Now that we are older we realize the greatest gift of all is time spent together so we always celebrate Father’s Day with a barbecue dinner, though my sister and I still pick out a little something for dad because he deserves to get spoiled I mean he did help raise two girls!

However you are planning to celebrate Father’s Day, we here at the Fergus Scottish Corner Shop hope it’s a fun filled day full of laughter.  Also as it’s still a few weeks away here is a friendly reminder that we have lots of gift ideas for dad!!

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