Wintery Days call for Tea

What crazy weather we've had these last couple days!  I don't know about you but days like these I just love making a lovely cup of tea.

Do you have a particular brand you stick with?  Or do you enjoy trying different brands to compare their taste?  Myself I love trying the different brands we carry here, I'm slowly making my way through our most popular ones and I'm definitely enjoying the varying flavours.  Do I have a favourite...not just yet.

I must admit when it comes to my tea I'm a creature of habit, I have a few particular mugs I use just for my tea.  My newest favourite mug is my adorable fox mug from our Wrendale china collection.  If you haven't been into the store to see the large selection of mugs I highly recommend you do, they are even prettier in person!

I remember when I was little my Grams would always use this beautiful china teapot whenever she made tea, and she always made sure to use her Tartan tea cozy to help keep it hot.  Normally when I make my tea I just use the kettle but every now and again I pull down her old teapot to make a tea.  We may not carry those fancy teapots however we do have the very well know Brown Betty teapot, as well as a super cute rabbit -who looks to be having a day- teapot.

So if you are like us and love your tea why not come in and try a brand of tea you haven't tried yet.  We carry many of the well loved brands from Scotland, Ireland and England.  While you're at it perhaps you'll find a new favourite mug, or a new teapot along with a cute tea cozy to help keep your tea piping hot. 

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